Wave Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Paris, France, specialised in content strategy for SEO and international copywriting.

We believe in smart strategies based on a thorough audit of your website and the analysis of your target audience behaviour on search engines. We can build together a content strategy that works for your objectives and your budget.

SEO audit

If one of your digital marketing goals is to rank on the first page of your favourite search engine, you need to know where you stand today.

No digital content strategy can work without it.

We will go through the technical improvements your website needs, your netlinking profile and a benchmarking of your industry. The objective is to build solid foundations for the future success of your content strategy.

Content strategy

Content creation can serve several digital marketing goals: SEO, corporate communication, brand copywriting, emailing, social media & community management.          

Through one-to-one sessions, we will draw a precise portrait of your target audiences and create a custom editorial calendar based on keywords you didn’t even think about before.

BtoB, scientific & technical copywriting

Thanks to our network of expert copywriters and seasoned bloggers, we can cover a wide range of BtoC topics including our favourite themes of ocean, travel and sports.

However, our added value at Wave Digital is our unique ability to create content for BtoB businesses. Concerned your products or services are too technical to externalise content creation? Try us!

Multilingual sites

If you target audiences abroad, creating a multilingual website goes well beyond translation. Wave Digital is a bilingual agency in English and French that can support your international development.

First, we need to think about your domain strategy. Then we will guide you to localise your content strategy based on how keywords and search intents are influenced by local culture.

Translations & transcreation English / French

We love translations and swapping from a language to another in a blink of an eye. But have you ever heard about transcreation?

Transcreating is the action of translating a text with copywriting in mind and an adapted style and vocabulary for the target language and country. Let us convince you that automatic translation is the last thing you want to do!