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Wave Digital is a content marketing agency which has a special love for ocean related businesses and non-profit organisations.

We believe in smart strategies based on a thorough SEO audit of your website. Let’s build together a content strategy that works for your business goals and your budget.

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If one of your digital marketing goals is to rank on the first page of your favourite search engine you need to know where you stand today. No digital content strategy can work without it.

Content creation

Content creation can serve several digital marketing goals. From ranking on your favourite search engine first page to building your e-reputation, let’s find the right content creation plan for you.

Multilingual websites

If you target international audiences, creating a multilingual website goes well beyond translation. Wave Digital is a bilingual agency in English and French, we can also support in Spanish and Japanese.

Marketing coaching

When feeling overwhelmed with digital marketing, you need a specialist to help you see the big picture. Let us help you feel confident that your action plan is serving your business goals at the most efficient cost.

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