About us

Wave Digital was born out of the idea that communication and marketing can also be positively used to spread the word about socially responsible businesses and organisations. Meet the team!

Florine Quirion, SEO & content strategy consultant

Trained as a mechanical engineer specialised in renewable energy with experience in Canada, the United Kingdom and France, Florine is also a marketing specialist. She received the highest education in the top European business school, HEC Paris, in 2008.

During the first ten years of her career, she worked in product marketing between Europe and Japan while self-training in digital marketing. With proven skills in analytics and copywriting, search engine optimisation quickly became her favourite area of expertise while never losing sight of how it should play its role in a 360-degree marketing plan. She earned the Google Digital Active Certification in 2017.

Born and raised on the French Atlantic coast, her love for the ocean runs through her veins. Her passion evolved to a new level the day she became a scuba diver. For ten years, she logged more than 600 dives in more than 100 destinations across the world. In 2012, she started writing about her underwater adventures on her blog World Adventure Divers. The website became the ideal space to implement SEO best practices.